New Year, New Resolution

10 days has passed in year 2011. In these 10 days, I was preparing myself to enter my new life though it should be ready before new year. Anyway, it’s not too late as long as I not the last person to start!

A lot of things needed to settle before this such as decorate my room into better and comfy environment, replaced streamyx to unifi and etc. FYI, I don’t live in my house for a long period due to my studies in UM. However, the most important thing that I had done is listing down my new year’s resolution! This is my first resolution in my life.

When I figured out, I realized that I have so many things want or need to do in this year. For most people, greedy is one of the defects in their life, just like me.

At the end, I give up or delay some of my things as I have only 24 hours per day, 365 per year, same to everyone. I don’t want to list down so many things and fail to fulfill it in end of the year. So, I don’t make my resolution too hard to archive, keep it simple and possible, categorized as below.

Health (Most Important!!)

  1. Sleep early and wake up early.
  2. Jog to train my stamina, at least 5 times every week.
  3. Train my muscle and stretching.

English (Terrible!!)

  1. Read more than 24 books or magazine.
  2. Start blogging, this is my first post! A good start for me! =D


  1. Buy and read magazine every month.
  2. Organize an outdoor or indoor shooting with my friends, at least once a month.

Learn and Improve

  1. HTML5
  2. CSS
  3. Photoshop
  4. After Effect
  5. Ukulele, thanks to one of my friend that introduces it to me, I’m addicted now.

That is one last thing to do in my list, but I can’t reveal it here, it’s about my future. That’s all my resolution in year 2011. I hope this is not an impossible mission for me as it is not “many” and I may add few in future. For those who are reading this, you will be my witness! That is not going back! hahaha!

It’s time to sleep. Tomorrow will be a good start. My new life, new revolution is begins officially!!


2 Comments on “New Year, New Resolution”

  1. yuanteng726 says:

    good luck to u…. at last u have a blog. is good for u….

  2. premen says:

    Go to class everyday should be one of it…hahah

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