My First Photo Contest, I-SNAP

In every year, 2nd college will organize an activity called Minggu Minda Kreatif (MMK). There are altogether 4 subprojects in MMK – I-Com, I-Quiz, I-Snap, Expo, and I-Do. This year, I had participated in I-Snap contest.

I-Snap is a photo contest based on theme given. The theme for this year is “FREE THEME”. I like the theme because there is no limit or constraint on the creativity. At the end, I reviewed all photos that I took in the past, choose the best three, and submitted as my products.

A week later, I was announced that one of my photos has been awarded to be top 15 and I have the chance to be the top 7 winners while it will be announced during the closing ceremony of MMK. I went to the expo and view all participants’ photos. There are a lot of nice, creative and impressive photos, an eye-opener for me. I feel so lucky that my photo was selected in top 15.

In the closing ceremony, winners of every subproject will be announced. Once starting to announce the winners of I-Snap, my emotion was getting excited. At first, top 7 products were displayed on screen and I saw my product there, excitement level increased. There are 4 consolation, 3rd, 2nd and 1st prize, and one by one they announced, started from consolation prize. In my mind, I told myself, “I want to win 1st prize”!

Started guessing which products will be the winner with my friends, of course not my product.

Consolation prize, not me, but its fine.

3rd prize still wasn’t me, started my logical thinking. If 2nd prize still isn’t me, then I am the 1st prize winner!

2nd prize still wasn’t me! I was extremely excited! I can’t believe that what in my mind was realized! However, I still have to control myself as I had to go up stage to get the prize very soon.

“1st prize goes to POU WEI JIE!” (I know already). Before I stand up, a whole bunch of people behind me were screamed though I don’t know most of them, but I appreciate it, I just like the hyper sound!

Shaking hands with one of the judges and photo taken together with the RM500 big cheque and my product on screen behind. Back to the seat and share my happiness with others. I was just happy! =D

Special thanks to these people:

Wooi Nee
Thanks for your talented jumping skill, you just made the photo perfect! Luckily I choose the photo of you but not someone else (you know I know la, =P). Hope we can jump again next time.

Thanks for giving me advice while I’m choosing my products and also the description of the products. Seriously, I didn’t expect that you are one of the participants, my competitor as well. I feel grateful that you able to get into top 15 though you didn’t get into top 7, but it doesn’t matter, keep improving on your skill and eventually top 7 winners will belong to you in next year! =)

Xiu Jia
Thanks for encouraging me to submit product. If not, I’m going to repeat what I had done in last year. You are like my assistant, explained everything about this contest and solving my problem. Lastly, thanks for your big eye to double check whether my products were received by them not though it is small! XP

Most of all, thanks to my partner, Nikon D40, the lowest spec DSLR in Nikon brand. Thanks for accompany me and improve my photography skill since last 2 years. I’m proud of you! Hope you will proud of me as well! Below is the 1st prize product, hope you guy like it! =)

It's Time to Fly

In this contest, I realized that DSLR body is not a factor to shoot nice photos but is all about creativity on taking photo. People like to experience special things more than ordinary things, same as photography. Our world needs more creativity, stop copy others, but let others copy you, you create it!


6 Comments on “My First Photo Contest, I-SNAP”

  1. June says:

    Nice work! keep it up!
    P/S: RM500.00 hor……hehehehehe~

  2. yen says:

    papa, treat eat liao XD

  3. sam says:

    wow~ gengs~~~ congratulations~~~

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